Have you ever saved a PDF from Microsoft Word for Mac and found that your hyperlinks were no longer linked?

Here’s what happened to me and how I solved the problem.

I was working on a Microsoft Word document on a Mac using Word for Mac version 15.32.

The document contained several hyperlinks. Some were created automatically by the URL being in the text and others I created using the hyperlink command (command-K).

I exported the document as a PDF and checked the links. The automatically created links worked fine. The links I created did not, even though they were created correctly.

I read some blogs to find a solution and several suggested the “Best for electronic distribution…” selection on the PDF export.

That actually worked, but ….

The text was very fine and the images were low-res. (see images for comparison)


PDF saved for electronic distribution

PDF saved for print distribution

Open Source to the Rescue!

I saved the document as an .odt file and then opened it in the open source editor, LibreOffice. I exported the PDF from there and…

it all worked!

Save file to open in LibreOffice

However, since it was saved into a different program it did re-flow the text. So, the best solution is to NOT use Microsoft Word on the Mac, but use LibreOffice instead, from the beginning.

All will be well then.

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