Utica College:
Master’s Degree in Computer Forensics and CyberSecurity

From my professors:

Outstanding paper on cyber bullying. This is not only one of the best in the class, but one of the most thorough and historical accounts on the subject that I have read.

Jeff, You absolutely nailed this discussion forum. Your response to the discussion prompt was thorough and analytical, showed great creativity, and was supported by high-quality, properly cited sources. Your proposal of the strict BYOD policy in particular shows that you are “in tune” with current trends in cybersecurity. Keep up the good work.

Jeff, Fantastic job in this discussion forum. As I mentioned in the discussion itself, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that the Internet is a physical thing that is subject to damage, and not just a virtual, ethereal concept. You also went above and beyond the assignment requirements in responding to your classmates, and cited your sources well. Keep it up.

Such a great submission. In addition to correctly addressing all assignment requirements, the inclusion of all of the photographs added a nice touch. Great work and no issues to report. I really liked how you tied the date to national and historical events; that’s a first!

Well written presentation, correctly addressing all aspects of the assignment; verification via hashing, as well as discovery of hidden message due to font color change. No issues to report.

Excellent presentation. In addition to correctly summarizing each of the terms in-depth you correctly completed the hashing exercise. I have yet to ever have a student examine the HTML so that was really cool. Nice work and be sure to retain this presentation for future reference.

Excellent presentation or report; I can’t tell! Comprehensive and accurate summary of computer forensics evidence presented, as well as the grandmother’s testimony and how it conflicted with her work schedule. Nice inclusion of screen shots, as well as identification of NetAnalysis and CacheBack; you clearly articulated the issues that occurred with the returned results generated by the forensics tools. In short, the evidence was there but in my opinion, the technical challenges presented by the defense brought the validity of the evidence into question.

Excellent submission. I really liked how you identified and labeled all of the discovered devices within the photograph; very professional and easy to follow. Computer handling procedures were spot on and the supporting photographs were very helpful.

The step by step procedural detail was excellent! The supporting photographs and detail left no room for speculation. I could easily identify the specific remote, as well as the specific batteries. Excellent work and no issues to report.

Excellent presentation and supporting documentation provided through email. All assignment requirements were addressed in depth and correctly. Nice work and no issues to report.

Rutgers University: 
miniMBA Master’s: Social Media Marketing¬†

“Jeff, this is great work! You’ve done a wonderful job outlining your plan. It’s very realistic and I love the logic and targeting information you’ve built into it. …in terms of your strategy, everything looks solid. Nice work!”

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