Social Media Analytics of my articles on

Social Media Analytics of My Articles on

I have been writing for since August 1, 2016—one year ago today. I created a table (in LibreOffice) of my social media analytics and the results are below.

My first article, on Open Source Graphic Design was, by far, the most popular (it was even a Top Ten!). Branding, video and pets trailed way behind, and Open Source Death took a holiday.

My article on Open Source Star Trek was most popular on Reddit and tied with Open Source Pets on LinkedIn.

Facebook was the the most popular social media channel and Reddit the least. Twitter numbers do not appear, but it could be a result of the order of icons. The share buttons descend from Twitter, to Facebook, to LinkedIn, to Reddit and then Google+ for anyone who uses that.

Open Source Novel Writing (Bibisco) scored low, but had unusually high Likes.

My conclusion is that tech articles do best on tech sites (duh!) and that Facebook still seems to be the favorite social media channel (without knowing the Twitter numbers).

These articles are linked here.

Date Article Facebook LinkedIn Reddit Likes Comments
08/01/16 Expensive tools aren’t the only options for graphic design (and never were) 2687 407 5 166 52
09/20/16 Star Trek: Inspiring people and their tech since 1964 85 44 70 76 3
09/30/16 Tools for writing the next bestseller 73 22 2 95 0
12/28/16 Best of Art and design 50 7 0 71 1
02/02/17 A look at 6 iconic open source brands 177 18 7 81 4
02/10/17 Lessons from a brief career in open source 64 41 4 85 6
02/14/17 Unleashed: open source tech for pets and animals 126 44 8 36 0
03/14/17 Open source in death and beyond 50 20 0 23 0
03/31/17 2 open source Adobe InDesign scripts 24 17 0 38 0
05/30/17 Tinkering with OpenShot for video editing 106 8 0 29 0
07/25/17 A left-handed software user’s plea 78 7 4 20 19
 1 Year  Totals 3520 162 120 920 85
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