Open Source Graphic Design
open source graphic design

How Open Source Graphics can be used to edit InDesign documents. Opening an InDesign document in Scribus Graphic design often requires an understanding of computer forensics to get the job done. I read a few blogs on how to edit InDesign files: Create an .EPS from InDesign and open it as an editable file in Scribus. That did not […]

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A Nazi in Ogdensburg
Franz von Werra

A Nazi in Ogdensburg by Jeff Macharyas “There was a big building up there, a short distance away. Lots of windows and lots of lights. I could see iron bars on the windows. It looked like, perhaps, it was a prison.” —Luftwaffe Oberleutnant Baron Franz Xaver von Werra describing the St. Lawrence State Hospital after […]

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How To Mail-Merge Presorted List in InDesign
Presorted .CSV Mail List Opened in LibreOffice

Creating a mail-merge mailing from a Presorted mailing list is not as difficult as you’d think. Let’s say you have a mailing of, say, 500 pieces, and you want to mail it the most efficient way, but you want to have control over the addressing. The first thing you need is a Presorted list. This […]

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Ancestry: Digging Up the Family Tree
My great-grandfather was in the Austro-Hungarian Army in the late 1800s. He was from Bratislava, Slovakia.

Who am I? Where am I from? These are questions everyone asks. People want to know that they belong and that they are part of a bigger community. Even though Americans might have been born in America, our ancestry most definitely came from elsewhere. Many immigrants came from Europe, Asia, and Africa, and from who-knows-where. […]

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Happy September! The 7th Month of the Year.
Emperor Commodus

Septem means “seven” in Latin. So why is September the ninth month of the year? September was the seventh month of the Roman calendar until it was revised in 153 BC. September was the 7th of ten months, which began in March. In 184 AD, Emperor Commodus renamed all the months to honor himself. September’s […]

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Adirondack Camp Hacks
ADK camp stairs

Adirondack Camps are treasures of Upstate New York. Even President Calvin Coolidge was a fan, who used Great White Pine Camp, near Paul Smiths College as his “Summer White House.” However, for people who aren’t President, Adirondack Camps are still within reach. The Adirondacks are a special part of New York—a state many people think […]

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St. Lawrence: County, School, River, Saint
St. Lawrence of Rome, with his gridiron, upon which he was executed, on August 10, 258 AD.

St. Lawrence County makes up the upper northwest corner of New York State. It is the largest county in New York. St. Lawrence County is bordered on the west and north by the St. Lawrence Seaway and is home to St. Lawrence University, in the county seat of Canton, and St. Lawrence Central High School, […]

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Accolades on My Master’s Program
utica college

Utica College: Master’s Degree in Computer Forensics and CyberSecurity From my professors: Outstanding paper on cyber bullying. This is not only one of the best in the class, but one of the most thorough and historical accounts on the subject that I have read. Jeff, You absolutely nailed this discussion forum. Your response to the […]

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Social Media Analytics of My Articles on
Social Media Analytics of my articles on

I have been writing for since August 1, 2016—one year ago today. I created a table (in LibreOffice) of my social media analytics and the results are below. My first article, on Open Source Graphic Design was, by far, the most popular (it was even a Top Ten!). Branding, video and pets trailed way […]

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Word for Mac Loses Hyperlinks in PDF

Have you ever saved a PDF from Microsoft Word for Mac and found that your hyperlinks were no longer linked? Here’s what happened to me and how I solved the problem. I was working on a Microsoft Word document on a Mac using Word for Mac version 15.32. The document contained several hyperlinks. Some were […]

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Happy 0100 of 0111
Hexadecimal USA Flag

July 4, 2017 is America’s 241st birthday. So, to keep things modern, I will be celebrating with binary and hexadecimal. Happy 0100 of 0111, 00110010 00110000 00110001 00110111 ! The Red, White and Blue And, here we have Captain James T. Kirk reading the Declaration of Independence to We The People. (Note: both of these […]

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TV Commercials I Created
TV Commercials

I was the associate producer of a 30-minute local feature TV program in Tallahassee, Florida, called 1800 Seconds. I wrote, edited and even starred in several segments, including playing the part of “The Guy Who Drinks Too Much Coffee.” This was a segment on caffeine addiction. I also helped create some TV commercials for the […]

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How to Create a Simple Animation for YouTube
How to creative simple video animations

Video animation is fun! There are many tools that can be used and many different ways to create the final work. The Tools I am experimenting with video animation using Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop and Blender at the moment. I have used Adobe Edge Animateto create some simple animated web graphics, which worked quite well. I created the clip above (Zeppelins Over […]

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Edit Adobe InDesign with Open Source Tools
Scribus. Open Source Desktop Publishing

Scribus and Open Source can be used to open and edit Adobe InDesign files. Here’s one suggestion I found: Create an .EPS from Adobe InDesign and open it as an editable file in Scribus. That did not work. Alternative: Another suggestion was to create an .IDML (an InDesign file that can be read by a previous version) document from InDesign and open that in […]

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The Future of Printing
The future of printing. An article written for Quick Printing magazine in 1987 by Jeff Macharyas

Rush-In to New New York’s Information Access Center It’s 2027, and Quick Printing is celebrating its 50th anniversary. What’s the typical printshop doing? Note: I was the art director, production manager, editor, writer, coffee-maker for Coast Publishing for more than ten years. We produced several magazines, but Quick Printing was the flagship title. I wrote this article early […]

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How To Create 3-Sided Boxes in InDesign
Create a 3-sided "topless" box in Adobe InDesign with this easy-to-follow steps

InDesign Forms: Three-Sided Boxes Creating forms is, I think, the most difficult and mundane task a graphic designer ever faces. EVERYTHING HAS TO BE EXACT. There will always be changes and when the forms are created with a mix of text and rules and symbols, it can become a real mess. Creating forms in InDesign is no […]

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Meta Descriptions of Colleges
University of Michigan

When revving up the Googler and searching for colleges, the browser shows a snippet of information it gleans from the site’s source code. This is the meta description that is embedded in the website’s HTML code. Ideally, that information should be no more than 160 characters. It can be longer, but it will be truncated […]

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Cyberbullying: Crime or Hysteria?
Emily Osment in Cyberbully

Cyberbullying is a new twist on an old problem. There have always been bullies—people who were stronger—or thought they were—would harass the weaker ones. Sometimes it was for retribution or just to humiliate their victim. (I wrote this as a research project for my Master’s in Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics at Utica College in 2014). […]

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The Future of Printing
the future of printing as seen from 1987

Rush-In to New New York’s Information Access Center It’s 2027, and Quick Printing is celebrating its 50th anniversary. What’s the typical printshop doing? Note: I was the art director, production manager, editor, writer, coffee-maker for Coast Publishing for more than ten years. We produced several magazines, but  Quick Printing was the flagship title. I wrote this article early in […]

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Magazine Design With $0.00 Art Budget
I frequently starred in my own covers to save money

I was the art director/production manager for a publishing company that produced several titles in English and Spanish. Profit was paramount so that meant expenses were to be kept low—or non-existent. This can be a challenge in publication design, but not an insurmountable one. In fact, having such constraints can stretch the imagination and force the […]

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Email Spam: Since 1844
Samuel F.B. Morse sends the first email spam in 1844

“I don’t believe in email. I’m an old-fashioned girl. I prefer calling and hanging up.” —Sarah Jessica Parker It is staggering to think just pervasive email is in our lives. In 2012, there were 2.2 billion email users worldwide, 144 billion email traffic worldwide per day, 68.8% of it spam, and of that, 51% was […]

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An ad in The American Spectator magazine that is not FF-RHP. Oh no!

FF-RHP. Anyone who has worked in publishing will be very familiar with this term. Advertisers will negotiate with the sales rep to ensure that their ad is placed in the publication far forward (usually first 50%) and on the right-hand page (on top if possible). The sales rep will come to the production manager or […]

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Cybersecurity Complacency

It is human nature that we do ourselves harm or neglect ways to keep ourselves healthy even when we know it is against our best interest. We fool ourselves by thinking “it won’t happen to me,” or “why bother.” We smoke, we text and drive, we consume mass quantities of alcohol—and we neglect our own […]

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The Dark Side of Online Games

I am addicted to playing “Scrabble” online. I get up early and usually devote an hour to it instead of doing something constructive like watching “Kimmie Schmidt” on Netflix. I grew up playing board games with friends and family. Monopoly, 21, Checkers, and Chess (sounds like an REM song) and, of course, Scrabble. I’m good […]

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Online Education

We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. —Pink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. —Benjamin Franklin inventor, diplomat, guy on the hundred dollar bill   The value of education has been debated forever—from Benjamin Franklin to Pink […]

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License Plate Websites
florida license plate

“I whistled for a cab and when it came near The license plate said FRESH and it had dice in the mirror If anything I can say this cab is rare But I thought now forget it yo homes to Bel Air.” —The Fresh Prince of Bel Air It’s likely that Will Smith didn’t see […]

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The Great Colorado-Texas Tomato War

In 1985, I lived briefly in Albuquerque, New Mexico and then moved to Rollinsville, Colorado. I stayed with friends there for a while before moving down about 8,000 feet in elevation to Lakewood, not too far from Golden. Colorado was interesting in different ways. I commuted up and down the mountains three hours each way […]

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James Madison: Cyber Warrior
James Madison

It’s great when you find your special interests converge. I have always had an interest in American history and especially American Presidents. And now, my new interest is cybersecurity and computer forensics after completing my Master of Science in Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics at Utica College. I had not realized this, but our Founding Fathers were […]

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New Website
Macharyas—Creative Communications for the People!

I moved my site from GoDaddy to 000WebHost after continual problems. I am going to rebuild what I had from scratch. To contact me, try LinkedIn at:

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