Adirondack Camp Hacks
ADK camp stairs

Adirondack Camps are treasures of Upstate New York. Even President Calvin Coolidge was a fan, who used Great White Pine Camp, near Paul Smiths College as his “Summer White House.” However, for people who aren’t President, Adirondack Camps are still within reach. The Adirondacks are a special part of New York—a state many people think […]

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St. Lawrence: County, School, River, Saint
St. Lawrence of Rome, with his gridiron, upon which he was executed, on August 10, 258 AD.

St. Lawrence County makes up the upper northwest corner of New York State. It is the largest county in New York. St. Lawrence County is bordered on the west and north by the St. Lawrence Seaway and is home to St. Lawrence University, in the county seat of Canton, and St. Lawrence Central High School, […]

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Social Media Analytics of My Articles on
Social Media Analytics of my articles on

I have been writing for since August 1, 2016—one year ago today. I created a table (in LibreOffice) of my social media analytics and the results are below. My first article, on Open Source Graphic Design was, by far, the most popular (it was even a Top Ten!). Branding, video and pets trailed way […]

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How To Create 3-Sided Boxes in InDesign
Create a 3-sided "topless" box in Adobe InDesign with this easy-to-follow steps

InDesign Forms: Three-Sided Boxes Creating forms is, I think, the most difficult and mundane task a graphic designer ever faces. EVERYTHING HAS TO BE EXACT. There will always be changes and when the forms are created with a mix of text and rules and symbols, it can become a real mess. Creating forms in InDesign is no […]

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New Website
Macharyas—Creative Communications for the People!

I moved my site from GoDaddy to 000WebHost after continual problems. I am going to rebuild what I had from scratch. To contact me, try LinkedIn at: Please follow and like us:

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