A Nazi in Ogdensburg
Franz von Werra

A Nazi in Ogdensburg by Jeff Macharyas “There was a big building up there, a short distance away. Lots of windows and lots of lights. I could see iron bars on the windows. It looked like, perhaps, it was a prison.” —Luftwaffe Oberleutnant Baron Franz Xaver von Werra describing the St. Lawrence State Hospital after […]

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The Future of Printing
The future of printing. An article written for Quick Printing magazine in 1987 by Jeff Macharyas

Rush-In to New New York’s Information Access Center It’s 2027, and Quick Printing is celebrating its 50th anniversary. What’s the typical printshop doing? Note: I was the art director, production manager, editor, writer, coffee-maker for Coast Publishing for more than ten years. We produced several magazines, but Quick Printing was the flagship title. I wrote this article early […]

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License Plate Websites
florida license plate

“I whistled for a cab and when it came near The license plate said FRESH and it had dice in the mirror If anything I can say this cab is rare But I thought now forget it yo homes to Bel Air.” —The Fresh Prince of Bel Air It’s likely that Will Smith didn’t see […]

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