Open Source Graphic Design
open source graphic design

How Open Source Graphics can be used to edit InDesign documents. Opening an InDesign document in Scribus Graphic design often requires an understanding of computer forensics to get the job done. I read a few blogs on how to edit InDesign files: Create an .EPS from InDesign and open it as an editable file in Scribus. That did not […]

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How To Mail-Merge Presorted List in InDesign
Presorted .CSV Mail List Opened in LibreOffice

Creating a mail-merge mailing from a Presorted mailing list is not as difficult as you’d think. Let’s say you have a mailing of, say, 500 pieces, and you want to mail it the most efficient way, but you want to have control over the addressing. The first thing you need is a Presorted list. This […]

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Edit Adobe InDesign with Open Source Tools
Scribus. Open Source Desktop Publishing

Scribus and Open Source can be used to open and edit Adobe InDesign files. Here’s one suggestion I found: Create an .EPS from Adobe InDesign and open it as an editable file in Scribus. That did not work. Alternative: Another suggestion was to create an .IDML (an InDesign file that can be read by a previous version) document from InDesign and open that in […]

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How To Create 3-Sided Boxes in InDesign
Create a 3-sided "topless" box in Adobe InDesign with this easy-to-follow steps

InDesign Forms: Three-Sided Boxes Creating forms is, I think, the most difficult and mundane task a graphic designer ever faces. EVERYTHING HAS TO BE EXACT. There will always be changes and when the forms are created with a mix of text and rules and symbols, it can become a real mess. Creating forms in InDesign is no […]

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