TV Commercials I Created

I was the associate producer of a 30-minute local feature TV program in Tallahassee, Florida, called 1800 Seconds.

I wrote, edited and even starred in several segments, including playing the part of “The Guy Who Drinks Too Much Coffee.” This was a segment on caffeine addiction.

I also helped create some TV commercials for the Tallahassee market. Here are three of them I have posted on YouTube. (These were converted from old 3/4″ videotape to DVD.)

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How to Create a Simple Animation for YouTube

Video animation is fun! There are many tools that can be used and many different ways to create the final work.

The Tools

I am experimenting with video animation using Adobe PremiereAdobe Photoshop and Blender at the moment. I have used Adobe Edge Animateto create some simple animated web graphics, which worked quite well. I created the clip above (Zeppelins Over Fort Pierce) with Photoshop.

I shot some video with my Samsung Galaxy S3 and imported them into a video timeline in Photoshop. I then added a graphic of the zeppelin I made years ago as a .PNG file.

YouTube and Beyond…

Then, I fiddled around with keyframes, added a title card and exported it to YouTube, where I added some free music.

This took about one hour, not including the part where I walked over the bridge in the blazing Florida sun.

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