Dear Meredith:

I arrived at Camp Tuckaway in 1969 and graduated from Tuckaway School in 1971 and never really left.

Creativity Sparked

Back in Baltimore, I was “Higgie,” but here I was Hieronymus V. Robinson – inventor, visionary, leader and master of my own destiny. Here, my creativity was sparked as I explored the possibilities. My imagination was not stifled by convention – my ideas and hopes were nurtured and encouraged – I was taught and mentored to build upon my visions and exercise my talents to rise above the ordinary and blast out of mediocrity.

But, it wasn’t easy, Meredith. I couldn’t do it on my own. I needed help. I needed Camp Tuckaway and Tuckaway School and now they need you.

And, yes, by that, I mean financial support. Without help from donors like you and me, Camp Tuckaway and Tuckaway School would not be able to provide the environment that grows innovators, visionaries and leaders of tomorrow.

Answering the Fundraising Call

I have answered the call for thirty years because I know just how important it is to support the programs. It is incumbent upon us to provide for and promote generations of creative, thoughtful leaders of tomorrow. We are the catalyst who help shape civilization.

Join me today and help support Camp Tuckaway and Tuckaway School with vital financial support for the next five years. Let’s do this together, let’s show them how it’s done. Let’s do this today.

On behalf of Camp Tuckaway and Tuckaway School, I thank you,

Hieronymus V. Robinson, TS ’71, CT ’67 -’70

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