A place of inspiration. A world of opportunity.

It all begins with imagination.

When we imagine, we create, we produce, we progress. At Camp Tuckaway, campers set their imaginations free to create works of art, practical tools and even figments of whimsy.

“What I really want to do is make a canoe paddle,” one camper envisions.

Bring Visions to Life

And a canoe paddle did she make. Camp Tuckaway encourages and empowers campers to imagine and bring to life what they envision.

This is an environment that encourages and fosters children’s imagination. Camp Tuckaway inspires the inventors, the innovators, the pioneers and the visionaries of the future.

It all begins with the children’s imagination. We’re here to help guide them and escort them on their journey of creation through the successes and the failures, through trial and error, experimentation and hard work. And, in the end, they hold up high their creations and proclaim: “This, I made.” The spark of imagination set fully aflame.

Unleash Your Imagination

Camp Tuckaway offers campers opportunities to unleash their imaginations through drama, music, woodworking, weaving, paper-making, knitting and more.

Would you like to invent a new canoe paddle? At Camp Tuckaway, if you can imagine it, you can create it.

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