I haven’t written much fiction. These are my attempts.

The Civil War and the Nazi stories were submitted to a historical writing contest (they didn’t win) and the others were just pure imaginative writing.

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Civil War Letters Home to the North Country

Civil War Letters Home to the North CountryThe American Civil War was fought mostly in the South, but it deeply affected those in the North, and those in New York’s North Country–St. Lawrence County. This is a story of a Union soldier who fought in that war and his letters home. A fictional account based on a real person.

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A Nazi in Ogdensburg

World War II might seem like a distant memory and one that took place a world away. But, for those in New York’s North Country, the war came close to home, and the Nazi threat it represented was all too real. Baron Franz Josef von Werra, a Nazi aviator was imprisoned in nearby Ontario, and escaped to Ogdensburg, New York, before the US entered the war. Here is the story of one Nazi’s daring escape to the country he vowed to destroy. A fictional account based on real events.

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Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste. Adrift and abandoned. What caused the disappearance of the crew? Could it have been a time-travel travesty?In 1872, the Mary Celeste was found adrift in the Atlantic Ocean, miles from shore. There was no crew found aboard. What happened to the Mary Celeste? Sea monsters? Weather? Perhaps it was a time-travelling experiment gone awry. Vince Carson, freelance time-traveler can tell you the story. And, don’t worry, it won’t cost you a single Greeley to hear it!

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Just a Stop at the Store

Just a Stop at the Store. A terrifying trip to the store that will leave Jerry Tristan wondering just what was so bad about chicken alfredo?Jerry Tristan loved to take the scenic route home from work at the local community college. All too often, his wife, Jane, would command him to “just stop at the store” to pick up some mundane item that would languish on the shelf or molder away in the fridge. Jerry had to “just stop at the store” for some sugar. But, sugar is not all Jerry would get. Come along with Jerry as he navigates the aisles of the world’s largest retail operation. And, be sure to stop and get yourself some chicken alfredo! You’ll regret it if you don’t.

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We’d Like a Word With You

  Playing online games can be fun. You meet nice people. You meet angry people. You meet “Anagrammers.” Will you meet them again? It’s only a game. Duffy likes online word games. But, he’s been accused of cheating and being an “anagrammer.” Can he get revenge in the end? Let’s play!

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Spacemen Picking Flowers

On a cataloging mission on a distant world, astronauts Vince Carson and Jerry Tristan prepare lunch.

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