Cyberbullying: Crime or Hysteria?

Cyberbullying is a new twist on an old problem. There have always been bullies—people who were stronger—or thought they were—would harass the weaker ones. Sometimes it was for retribution or just to humiliate their victim. (I wrote this as a research project for my Master’s in Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics at Utica College in 2014). […]

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Edit InDesign Document without InCopy

How To Edit InDesign Files with InCopy Assignments When InCopy is not Available Adobe InCopy is a great tool that allows editors to edit the text in an existing InDesign document. This eliminates marking up print-outs with red pens or commenting on PDFs. The editor’s changes can be made by the editor. The process is simple: The designer […]

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Magazine Design on the Cheap
Magazine design

I was the art director/production manager for a publishing company that produced several titles in English and Spanish. Profit was paramount so that meant expenses were to be kept low — or non-existent. This can be a challenge in publication design, but not an insurmountable one. In fact, having such constraints can stretch the imagination and force […]

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The Future of Printing: From 1987

Rush-In to New New York’s Information Access Center It’s 2027, and Quick Printing is celebrating its 50th anniversary. What’s the typical printshop doing? Note: I was the art director, production manager, editor, writer, coffee-maker for Coast Publishing for more than ten years. We produced several magazines, but Quick Printing was the flagship title. I wrote this article early […]

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Open InDesign with Open Source
Scribus opens after Gedit changes

Opening an InDesign document in Scribus It is not possible to edit InDesign documents with a text editor. But, by saving it as an .IDML and opening it in the open source program Scribus, editing functions are enabled. Here’s how I did it:     Business Card File in Scribus This worked fairly well. The […]

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